The 5 stars that differentiate us from any other company in the market:

  1. We are the oldest provider of GPS monitoring solutions in Romania: for more than fourteen years, we’ve offered the fastest and most reliable integrated system.
  2. We became the largest provider of GPS tracking solutions in Romania: we offer quality technical support and ongoing development of our application for more than 5000 clients, to whom we’ve sold more than 100,000 GPS systems. Our large business volume allows us to offer competitive prices for services that are unmatched in the region.
  3. Being the market leader, we have all the reports provided by our competitors, plus many exclusive ones; moreover, with certain conditions, we can develop custom- made reports for your company. SAS Fleet Web offers the fastest access to data related to your fleet - even the most complicated report can be generated in less than 2 seconds.
  4. Our software solution is stable and fast: the monitoring data is stored in cloud on our servers; you can access the software from any device connected to the Internet to supervise the fleet. Information regarding the vehicles is safe on our servers and cannot be accessed unless authorized to do so: we are certified ISO 27001 in the field of information security.
  5. Orange Romania has chosen us as a partner for GPS tracking solutions; the best is always associated with the best. Feel free to let us convince you! Our representative will answer all your questions.

Most of our competitors try to convince users that "their applications allow you to do everything what any other GPS monitoring solutions do".

But there are some huge differences between the solutions, and we will mention just a few of them:

  1. Calculation of distances traveled by vehicles.
    All GPS systems suppliers boast that they calculate distance traveled by vehicles without deviation! But can they really? You would better check with their customers before you believe them or you might even request a test. The algorithms for removing deviations / natural or intentional GPS or GSM interferences are highly sophisticated and very few device manufacturers have software able to solve these kind of issues. SAS Grup is among the few manufacturers of GPS systems in the world that can guarantee less than 1% deviation for the distance calculation, by reading and correcting GPS information received from satellites with a frequency of 4 times per second. Based on these readings, an index is calculated and remains permanently available, stored in the GPS unit.
  2. Warnings for voluntary or involuntary GPS systems sabotage.
    What happens in case of GPS equipment sabotage, or in case your vehicle has electrical problems? In most cases, GPS device vendors do not report it and nothing is transmitted in this regard by the GPS, so you will never know that the equipment was temporarily or permanently sabotaged, intentionally or not. Even worse, the distances and hours of operation will be significantly compromised and you will never know how many miles were made for private drivers and how many liters of fuel were consumed. Therefore, in its own solution, SAS Grup has developed the software so that GPS devices warn in case of sabotage, voluntarily or involuntarily, identify and automatically correct all jammed or compromised positions. Finally, data from vehicles will be very close to reality even in case of sabotage and you can determine exactly who is guilty, what he/she did, when and where etc.
  3. Calculating deviations between normed consumption, real consumption and fueling.
    All monitoring solution providers have their own method of calculating fuel consumption. How accurate is it? Let's see how it usually works: The user configures a consumption norm and perhaps you can generate a report in which consumption is calculated based on the average normal consumption per 100 km of traveled distance multiplied by a period of time. You could make that calculation in an excel file. Do you know deviations from reality in this case? Over 15% ....
    SAS Grup obtain consumption through a complex algorithm in which it calculates both by the geographical position of the vehicle (in town or out of town), and according to the average speed from one second to another. Traveled distance is placed into a category of consumption norm, for example, an average speed of 50 km / hour can be considered as moving in "inter-cities" rhythm. All these consumptions, calculated in an extremely short period are gathered and compared with fuel supply and the actual consumption (where possible, reading data from the onboard computer). Using this SAS Grup algorithm the deviations between the actual consumption and the reality is less than 4%, with a normal driving style. Any deviation in fueling is immediately recognized and you can recover the loss from the driver at fault.
  4. Determinate the “driving style” and differentiating drivers through grades, calculated based on the average grades of all drivers.
    We realize how important driving style is, both in terms of traffic safety and fuel consumption, so we invested years of research in the field. We recognize acceleration and heavy braking, curves approached aggressively, using a complex algorithm that detects a sudden increase or decrease rate (from one second to another), depending on engine power, vehicle mass, speed in both seconds of study and the angle at which the event occurs. The result is a report from which you will know how aggressive your drivers are, and how they drive compared to other drivers who have installed GPS systems from us. The number of vehicles for which statistics are created is very important; therefore only large suppliers of GPS monitoring solutions can provide reliable data to their customers.