Remote Telemetry Equipment

There are three types of devices providing information for Vending Machines, all at the same price, but the technology will be different according to the compatibility table below.

When ordering, you will need to specify what type of Vending Machine you have, so that we can deliver the compatible product to you!

Telemetry electronic devices for Vending Machines are produced by SAS Grup and CE certified.

Device Name

Compatibility with Vending Machines


Manual product distributors (tabletop espresso machines, professional juice makers etc) or old-generation Vending Mmachines (automatic product distributors) with electromagnetic meters.


Vending Machines that don’t have a functional MDB/EXE data bus and for which the cash collectors are connected to the parallel bus.


Vending Machines with functional MDB/EXE data bus.






Number of consumed products




Events that can occur at the monitored Vending Machines or espresso machines (for example: pressing of a button to signal the completion of product restocking, pressing of another button to signal cash collection by the agent, open product door/technical compartment, cash theft, meter sabotage, tilting of the Vending Machine etc.)




Power supply disconnection of the Vending Machine




Exit from a safe zone (useful in times of theft) - requires the installation of an optional GPS module.




Authentication through an RFID card or token upon opening the product/technical compartment door- email alerts can be sent or even an alarm/siren can be activated in case whoever opens the door is not authenticated or is not on the list of operating agents.




Product payment by the client through SMS and the release of a product from the Vending Machine by the VendLite device. This functionality allows you to partially or completely eliminate cash fluctuation or theft from the Vending Machines.




Automatic email alert can be sent when your coffee/juice/snack Vending Machine is non-functional (is in a state of error).




Precise identification of the kind of error occurring at a Vending Machine, including minor errors that don’t usually cause Vending Machines to stop working, though they may not deliver the product requested by the customer.



Exact counting of the number of products purchased, as well as the types of products purchased with totals for each product category (number of espresso helpings, cappuccino helpings, bottles of juice, snacks, etc.)



Automatic or manual remote auditing of the Vending Machine and audit data transfer through the SasVend software interface-the transferred file will contain all EVA/DTS data read from the Vending Machine and a time interval can be configured at which the audit will start automatically and the read data will be transferred to the server.