Remote telemetry software

Through a secure web interface available through the LOGIN button, the user will have access to:

  • Sales reports which contain the number of products provided by the Vending Machines within a set period of time.
  • Real time alerts in case of Vending Machines functionality errors
  • Real time alerts in case stock has reached a critically low level
  • Alerts if there is discrepancy between delivered products cost when compared to the cash deposited by the collector agent
  • Stats with the events provided by the SAS devices, with date and time (for merchandise door opening, sale agent authentications, any errors occurring in the Vending Machine).
  • Real time visualization on digital maps of functional Vending Machines as well as non-functional ones.
  • The user will be able to configure automatic alerts through email in real time, for any events read by SAS devices.
  • For Vending Machines that have an active MDB/EXE data bus, the name of the product sold by the Vending Machine will also be transmitted.
  • For products that have an active MDB/EXE data bus, the name of the error generated by the Vending Machine will also be communicated.

NEW: The client can now pay for a product through SMS: a SMS is sent with preferential tariff to a unique number (like 1777) with a six-character code, which represents the code of the drink dispenser (or other Vending Machine). The SAS device code will be displayed on the Vending Machine with a sticker that will show the following text:
,,You can pay for your desired drink by sending a SMS to the following number… with the code xxxxxx.
In maximum 5 seconds from the time the SMS is sent, the device will provide the desired product. The price of the SMS is of…

The SAS Grup servers are hosted in the Orange Romania data rooms and the databases of these servers contain all information communicated by Vending Machines as soon as something happens to one of them. Database access is secure and encrypted through a user-friendly application developed by SAS Grup for over ten years. You can connect to it anytime, anywhere to track real time data sent by your Vending Machines, and see what transactions have been made, and how things are going right now, in real time. Clients just have to press the Login button located on the menu to access information.