Prices & acquisition outlines for Vending Machine monitoring solution

Intelligent Vending Machine management solution in real time through GPRS

The Vending Machine management solution includes the hardware installed on the Vending Machines and the licensed monitoring software.

SASVend system acquisition Unit price
SASVend monitoring devices 92 €
STANDARD software license
(including subscription and GSM communication)
6 € / month

Note: GSM transfer costs is included in the STANDARD software license, with no additional cost for clients.

The prices above do not include VAT.

SASVend system Leasing Leasing/3 year contract
Monitoring device price Included in price
Payment modalities Quarterly
Monthly rent 11 € / month

In addition to STANDARD functionalities, you can choose to purchase one or more additional software/hardware modules, such as:

Optional devices Price per unit/ hardware Price per unit/ monthly software
Alert buttons for Supply/ Cash collection/ Coin acceptor supply 10 € -
RFID reader (allows for cashless payment with RFID card and recognition of the people accessing the Vending Machine) 13 € 1 €
Individual RFID card 1.5 € -
Sensor for closing/opening of doors 4 € -
Burglary/vandalism warning system module and acoustic warning (siren). 5 € 0.5 €
EVA DTS file reading software (Errors and analytical sales) - 1 €
Remote start/stop/restart 10 € -
Cashless payment module (payment through credit card, SMS, Wallet) - 0.5 €
Temperature sensor 5 € -
Recognition module for analytical errors (only for Rhea Vendors Vending Machines) 20 € -
Audit File inquiry module (for older generation Vending Machines) 24 € -
Water pump protection module 10 € -
GPS module (for exact localization) 15 € -

The prices above are expressed in EURO and do not include VAT.