The monitoring solution produced for Slot Machines are made of the following:

  •  Hardware device
  • Software application

1. Hardware Device

  •  Installed on Slot Machines which are meant to be monitored, and has the following features:
  • At least 48 hours autonomy
  • Case: IP 67, waterproof (resistant to dust, humidity, cold/heat and mechanical shocks)
  • Easily installed through existing connectors

1.1 General Presentation:

  • VMBasic Hardware represents M2M remote monitoring hardware for Slot Machines:
  • The device is built around a high performing ARM microcontroller, 32-bit SM32F103, combining quad band modem GSM/GPRS functionality, hardware interface (serial port, GPIOs, analogical access) with a software platform that is programmable through a set of AT commands.

1.2 Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply 24VAC/220VAC
  • Consumption:
  •  8mA in standby  200mA in transmission
  • 2 GPIO digital inputs (general purpose input/output) 35Vdc max; Mass command software configurable
  • 4 analogical inputs (50Vdc max)
  • 2 galvanic separation digital inputs: first optical input can be hardware-configured to be converted into a digital input with galvanic coupling through which the device can communicate with the cash validator.
  • 1 releay output 5A/30Vdc- 5A/250Vac (C,NC,NO available connection)

2. Monitoring software

2.1 General presentation

  •  The software allows for the display of information in real time, including any event occurring in real time, indexes, as well as any events such as closing/opening of doors, opening of motherboard/CPU compartment, disconnecting from electricity, monitoring device sabotage etc.
  • Monitoring software allows for reading and interpretation of information received from our tracking devices, as well as sending commands, including the interruption of Slot Machine functionality.
  • Information sent by the monitoring device can be sent programmatically and automatically, and integrated with other databases/servers through an API (Source Code Application).
  • Data sent by the tracking device to servers are encrypted, secure, and cannot be deleted during the storage period, usually around 13 months.
  • The web interface accessing data sent by the device in cloud (by servers hosted by Orange Romania) is secured by an “https” internet channel with a password and cannot be intercepted and decrypted.

SASVend monitoring software and hardware is created in accordance with CE European standards, SAS GRUP being ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Monitoring system functionality is independent and does not require game room internet connection.

2.2 Functionalities and Reports:

  •  Slot machine tracking, either through GPS or GSM/Wi-Fi with 200m precision in cities and a maximum of 2000 meters outside of the city (GSM/Wi-Fi tracking is available when GPS tracking is unavailable, for example when the device is indoors);
  • Monitoring, reading and transmission in real time of the electromagnetic meter index: Total In and Total Out of the Slot Machines ( the 2 meters that represent the sum of all cash inputs/outputs in/out of the Slot Machine – credit points or cash);
  • Daily and monthly cash in reports according to OUG 77/2009 and HG 870/2009;
  • Cash registers;
  • Automatic alert in case of an interruption in communication between the Slot Machine’s monitoring device and the server that exceeds 24 hours, concurrent with Slot Machine functionality interruption until communication recovery;
  • Monitoring of unauthorized interventions on electromagnetic meters/sabotage of any kind and alerts in real time;
  • Monitoring and alerts in real time in case of sabotage (or sabotage attempts) of the tracking device;
  • Monitoring of the Slot Machine’s power supply, as well as all information regarding power supply interruption/ reconnection events;
  • Real time reading of all cash/bills entering the Slot Machine’s bill
  • Monitoring access to the Slot Machine’s CPU compartment;
  • Monitoring the access to the Slot Machine’s main compartment door and cash compartment door;
  • Remote shut off of the Slot Machine;
  • The ability to show Slot Machine identification data on smartphone/tablet. The user will have the possibility to use the Restart command on a Slot Machine, in order to be able to confirm the correct association between the Slot Machine and the tracking device.