Hardware Equipment

1. Hardware Device

  •  Installed on Slot Machines to be monitored, and has the following features:
  • Minimum 48 hour autonomy
  • Waterproof case, IP 67 (resistant to dust, humidity, cold, heat, mechanical shock)
  • Easily installed with existing connectors

1.1 General Presentation:

  • VMBasic hardware device represents an M2M hardware platform created for remote monitoring of Slot Machines
  • The device is built around a high performing ARM microcontroller, 32-bit SM32F103, combining quad band modem GSM/GPRS functionality, hardware interface (serial port, GPIOs, analogical access) with a software platform that is programmable through a set of AT commands

1.2 Technical characteristics:

  • Power Supply 24VAC/220VAC
  • Consumption:
    • 8mA in standby
    • 200mA transmission
  • 2 GPIO digital inputs (general purpose input/output) 35Vdc max; Mass command software configurable
  • 4 analogical openings (50Vdc max)
  • 2 galvanic separation digital inputs: first optical input can be hardware-configured to be converted into a digital input, with galvanic coupling through which the device can communicate with the cash validator
  • 1 relay output 5A/30Vdc- 5A/250Vac (C,NC,NO available connection)