GPS monitoring solution software - computer programs which perform the monitoring

GPS data are sent and stored in the SAS Group servers and they can be accessed anytime and anywhere by either the software application "SASFleetPro" ( which can be downloaded by following the instructions detailed on page "DOWNLOAD") or via the web interface.

The software that manages the fleet based on data obtained from tracking and tracing satellite fleet is client - server type with secure access, multi user. Consequently, one's firm-client data resides on a single computer (server), to which the designated users have access anytime, depending on the rights assigned by the network administrator. The database is secured, the information contained in the database can not be deleted or modified by any user. Users can access the database simultaneously from anywhere, anytime, in real time.

You can evaluate some of the GPS fleet management reports, which can be found in the menu, under the "Reports", as from here it can be seen very clear why the logistics costs usually decrease by at least 20% in the first month of installing the GPS system on the clients's fleets.

Three examples of high demand reports, out of the many reports that can be obtained by our users:

1) Example of report for theft detection based on the probe on the fuel tank

2) Exampple of roadmap

3) Example of graphic road, fuel level, speed and distances