Digital Maps - GIS

The digital maps used by the application are high accuracy vector digital maps, covering Romania on a 1:100,000 scale or better. In addition, over 1,000 locations are covered as street names, allowing detailed address vehicle position recognition and reading from a database.

Since October 2010, our solution provides detailed maps for all of Europe and address recognition for each position submitted by the GPS equipment anywhere in Europe. These data allow you to obtain clear reports, which identify the exact route followed by the cars in the fleet, without the need to display on the map the routes, car by car.

The reports provided by S.A.S. Group based on vector digital maps are extremely clear, accurate, easily obtainable in application and useful in effectively managing fleet. Unlike other suppliers of GPS systems on the market, we read detailed address and store it for the whole route covered by any of the vehicles.

Any position or route covered by one or more vehicles can be viewed on the digital map by a simple mouse click. Regardless of fleet size, any map or information will be displayed in less than 1 second

Here you'll find a link to a map - BRASOV