The GPS fleet monitoring and vehicle tracking solution consists of:

  1. GPS equipment, type CellSat, - implemented in the vehicles
  2. The software for GPS monitoring and vehicle tracking, client - server type
  3. Digital Maps

The GPS equipment is installed into the vehicle and it continuously transmits car positions and information that is read by SAS Group servers.

SAS Group servers are hosted in Orange Romania's data room, and the database on these servers contains the positions of vehicles and the routes' history. Access to the database is secured and encrypted with a user-friendly interface / application software developed by SAS Group for over 10 years. You can connect anytime and anywhere to see the positions of your cars, what they did in the past and that are they doing now in real time.

The main features of the STANDARD licence are:

  • Address and route of any cars are recognized and displayed to the thorough details
  • Working time, stops, speed, distances, addresses etc of every car are recorded and displayed
  • Any of fleet vehicles are located by GPS, recorded and displayed in real time on digital maps
  • You can get many reports about the activity of a vehicle (Roadmap History, Route detailed report, Stops report etc.) and a limited number of reports for the whole fleet (eg "FAZ - Summary of daily activity, for whole fleet ") for all the activity in the past 13 months
  • Enables synchronization / import data on fuel supply, regardless of the provider
  • Provides the ability to accurately calculate fuel consumption and deviations between fuel consumption and fueling
  • With a single click you can determine the number of kilometers traveled for personal interest of the driver
  • It generates fleet management alerts for the expiration of insurances, technical inspections etc
  • If the GPS solution is installed on trucks with FMS - Canbus interface, the following items can be read: instant fuel consumption, threshold in the fuel tank, engine rotation, temperature etc.
  • If the GPS system is installed on a vehicle which has an external ultrasonic probe for measuring the fuel level in the tank , we can graphically determine the evolution of fuel consumption, time, location and quantity of fuel, and also the date, location and quantity of the abrupt level 'falls' the tank, usually a theft ...
  • It provides extremely complex and useful fleet reportsthat can be tailored according to the criteria of each of our clients
  • Several vehicles can be simultaneously viewed and controlled, regardless of their number, including on satellite maps
  • On the digital maps you can introduce personal locations, so that the reports will show the names of these locations instead of their addresses, therefore turning roadmaps into activity reports, where customers, suppliers and warehouses appear in chronological order.
  • Fleets of over 1,000 vehicles can be quickly and accurately managed, with no difference compared to small fleets.
  • Vehicle route information is stored over 13 months
  • Unlimited and guaranteed support !

The software license includes all costs: the costs of GSM communication. digital maps license, technical support and system maintenance and, of course, the right to use the software from SAS Group. There are no hidden costs.

Since 2011 we have developed an integrated routing and reporting deviations from planned / pre-calculated routes of a fleet. By using our GPS tracking solution, you can get real time reports or subsequent reports regarding the delays or defaults. Using the integrated "Routing GPS tracking", you will have access to the most effective tool to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of deliveries / fleet's trips.