Professional GPS fleet management system

Benefits of GPS System

Besides the classic GPS tracking of vehicles, we guarantee a minimum 20% logistics and transportation costs cut, along with an increase of at least 30% of the supplies made by the same car fleet. After implementing the SAS Group GPS system, you will eliminate the unnecessary stops, the deviations from predetermined routes, the trips made solely in the personal interest of the drivers and the excessive fuel consumption, generated either by driving aggressively or thefts.

Reducing logistics costs
Fuel savings
Mileage track: for business or personal use
Warnings: if the vehicle insurance will expire
Integration with other software solutions
Warnings: if fuel thefts are detected


About Sas Grup Products

Optimization of traveled routes solution

Through the optimization of the daily traveled routes by your vehicles, you can receive a guaranteed costs reduction and an increase in productivity by 20%.

Benefit from our routing solution offer: 12 months free!

Cashless payment for Vending Machines through your debit/credit card, SMS or RFID Card

Completely eliminate cash management problems!

Opt for payment of Vending Machines products through credit/debit card, SMS, RFID card or electronic wallet.

Slot Machines monitoring and Cash-in Reports in accordance with OUG 77/2009 and HG 870/2009

SASVend, the only solution that follows all ONJN remote monitoring requirements.

Localization, real time alerts, meter readings, daily cash-in reports according to ONJN, cash register, Jackpot.